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WellCare Advocate Complete FIDA will no longer be part of the FIDA program effective January 1, 2017.

Providers should continue to bill for covered services rendered for eligible dates of service. The secure provider portal will continue to be available for WellCare Advocate Complete FIDA providers.


Q. Who is on a participant’s Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)?
A: Each participant’s IDT will be made up of:

  • The participant and/or his/her designee;
  • A designated care manager;
  • The participant’s primary care provider (PCP);
  • A behavioral health professional;
  • The participant’s home care aide; and
  • Other providers either as requested by the participant or his/her designee or as recommended by the care manager or PCP and approved by the participant and/or his/her designee.


Q. What is the purpose of the IDT?
A: The IDT will:

  • Facilitate timely and thorough coordination between WellCare Advocate Complete FIDA, the IDT, the participant’s PCP and other providers;
  • Make coverage determinations;
  • Make decisions that serve as service authorizations;
  • Participate in approved training on:

o The person-centered planning processes;
o Cultural competency;
o Disability;
o Accessibility;
o Accommodations;
o Independent living and recovery;
o Wellness principles; and
o Other required training, as specified by the State, to include ADA/Olmstead requirements.


Q. How will participant disenrollment occur?
A: Disenrollment and transfers between FIDA MMPs are allowed on a month-to-month basis any time during the year. Coverage for these participants will continue through the end of the month.


Q. Where can I go for more information?
A:  For more information about FIDA, please contact your Provider Relations representative or call our Provider Services department toll-free at 1-855-595-2063.

Last modified: 01/12/2017
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